About Us

Pure Grip is a family run business and our Grip Socks are only the beginning. These improve balance, stability and overall performance in sports and fitness. They reduce risk of injury from slips & falls and help reduce blisters and rubbing. Equally, they can encourage an increase in bursts of speed due to increased traction.

This is created by the superior grip between Sock & Surface, be it within a trainer, boot or direct to floor.

This encourages a more fulfilling workout, training session and overall game experience. A bi-product of this is a growth in confidence, which is a huge factor in any, and all sports for everyone involved.

Early in our journey, we were able to form a partnership with 'Finding Your Feet', a charity who help families affected by amputation or limb absence, with activities, services and support to benefit fitness, mental health and personal growth. This is a fantastic charity and we are extremely proud to have this link and contribute to what is being done to help many people.

Our Story

Welcome to Pure Grip and Our Family.

Im Kris and I started Pure Grip in 2022 alongside my family, from a passions for sports and more so, the things we use to be the best we can within the exercise & fitness arena. For us, this came in the form of another passion of mine, Socks.

Yes, I love Socks and more so, Grip Socks!

These can be the difference in ensuring a really positive, fitness experience which in itself leads to growth in confidence.

Our aim is to grow our Brand worldwide whilst sharing the positive benefits of our products at all times.